HTTPS, SSL & Google – The free Guide to Migrating to HTTPS for SEO

Moving to HTTPS

With Google pushing everyone to moving to HTTPS & having helped many companies making the move, I produced a simple guide to best practice migration, testing implementation and not losing conversion or organic traffic.

This document covers:

  • What Google Recommends
  • The difference between TLS, HTTPS & SSL
  • The best staged process
  • Testing
  • Auditing & monitoring through GTM & CSP

This is not is a technical guide to installing or SSL security, it’s a nine-page guide for the marketing team.

Download the Guide to Migrating to HTTPS for SEO

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In April 2016, this guide is upto date, although one thing that stopped me from publishing many times is that this is an area which is changing & every few days you will find something new, I will try and keep this upto date with irregular revisions, but if you spot anything obviously missing, wrong or missing then please feel free to drop me a tweet or a comment below, if you feel you want to contribute to the next version then drop me a line.

With thanks to Jono Alderson, Martin Woods and Purple Smudge for having a quick read through it, as well as the technical team at Just Eat who have all helped clarifying some of the more geeky elements and thanks to Scott Helme for some additional key points.

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