Who to see at BrightonSEO – September 2016

BrightonSEOLogoSeptembers BrightonSEO is undoubtedly one of the best lineups I have seen (obviously as I am not talking this year, it could have been a little better but hey…)

There are a few names I am going to call out as a literal must sees, purely because not only do they know their subject matter but they present amazingly.

I am going to start with one of my ‘heroes’ this is a guy who knows content, technical and is able to get stuff done in bigger companies, he specialises in Media (press) but seriously, watch Malcolm Coles, I am disappointed he no longer seems to update his blog – it is pretty amazing how often I shared his posts on Pippa Middleton’s arse

Tom Anthony and Will Critchlow are exceptionally geeky but amazing at talking about the how to work in the data driven, api fueled future of the internet, don’t between them and Jono Alderson who also loves all things past present and future in digital marketing and also worth watching out for.  These three guys are unmissable purely because they make you think (or re-think) about you need to be doing next, incredibly technical but present in a way that everyone in the industry can understand. If you get bored, wind up Jono by talking about reporting & KPIs. Tom and Will are from Distilled, Jono is from Linkdex.

Aleyda Solis is a hands on practioner an amazing speaker and someone who dominates here subject matter, again not only ahead of the curve but you know she absolutely dominates the subject matter. If Aleyda is talking about international SEO or mobile (or anything else) you will find that her presentations are always full. Aleyda also has awesome looking decks filled with Lego or something geekier to help present her point.

Having had quite a few conversations about SEO, outreach and content with Stephen Kenwright and Laura Crimmons from Branded3, they both present brilliantly and truly know their stuff.

Anna Lewis has long been the expert on expanding GA to include the custom dimensions, metrics and variables that Google don’t include out of the box, having had the opportunity to talk to her at so many analytics events and watched her videos back when she worked at Koozai (many many videos), I joked with her about monitoring her baby using Google Analytics without realising she was actually doing it (I have been tempted to get my own kids chipped, but for different reason).  Anna has now gone independant, which means that she is available if you need someone awesome.

And of course Maria White, international PR & outreach expert has been working with bloggers recently with amazing backstories, Maria is planning on talking about some this which should be fascinating, the research and passion she has put in will pay off with an outstanding talk.

I am looking over the schedule at the moment to try and figure out where I need to be, where I want to be and also where my I would recommend my colleagues to go.
The bigger issue is that I also tend to find at BrightonSEO that I end up meeting some of the very best in the business, people who know some of the answers to the problems I am facing which means that I can sometimes be talking to them over a break and not wanting to go to the next talk, and actually that isn’t always a bad option, you are at a conference to learn what you need to.
My ‘Sched’ is there and as you can see I have double booked myself a couple of times, just hoping I will get in to see the talks I want to.

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