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Hey Mr Chatbot – send me a pizza

Dominoes, JUST EAT & Pizza Hut are all developing chat bots, JUST EAT won (and donated to charity) a prize for a Skype bot at the Skype //Build conference – So is the future...


My 2015 SEO Toolkit

SEO people love tools, I have talked before about my love for bookmarklets but sometimes you need to install something. The following is my shortlist of key tools. Chrome It is unbelievable how awesome...

BrightonSEO / Juicer GTM Test 5

BrightonSEO / Juicer GTM Test

It isn’t always possible to implement code onto a clients website, typically simple fixes and implementation can take months, however GTM often makes it possible for us to put JavaScript straight onto a clients website....

Starter guide to Codes & Headers for SEO 0

Starter guide to Codes & Headers for SEO

When you or a robot accesses a page, a hidden element are the headers – these are viewable with the right tools (which are built into most browsers) getting these right are essential for...

Implementing Social onto a website 0

Implementing Social onto a website

Social Metadata – – – – Social Media Buttons Little known features Facebook Social Plugins Tracking it all in Google Tag Manager (for GTM 2014)


Linking to a Google Hangout

One odd and rather annoying thing about Google Hangouts as a simple way to create hold a conference is the lack of a fixed URL, you can invite people you already know, but typically...