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Thinking man Gerry

So as the guy behind UsableContent – I need to write this myself, combining my humility with the need of these pages to basically sell yourself is a challenge … Or I can leave it to other people!   Check me out on LinkedIn

“Gerry brought enthusiasm and professionalism to the team, bringing SEO expertise and deepening our capability to use analytics to inform our search strategy. He has a sound knowledge of the search industry and wider digital technologies. I’d recommend Gerry.” March 12, 2010

Peter Jordan, Search and Metadata Manager, Directgov managed Gerry at Directgov

“Gerry is passionate about data and technology. Actually, he’s a geek – but the good kind! Gerry is the rare breed who is able to take complex data and algorithms and translate it to clients in a meangful way. He is personable and approachable and an asset to any company.” March 2, 2010

Caroline Lucas-Garner, Senior Strategist, Razorfish worked directly with Gerry at Avenue A | Razorfish

“Since joining Adfero, I have learnt so much from Gerry, he has extensive knowledge in all areas digital, SEO, analytics, plus very savvy technical skills. His managerial style allows you to develop as an individual, and learn day by day, as and when issues arise. He has built an SEO team from scratch, which now includes 300+ clients, receiving a variety of services from onsite and analytics reports, social media consultation and email marketing.

Gerry’s ability to explain complex issues through real examples provides excellent tuition, plus he has a memory like a sponge, recalling issues and examples of clients in a flash. Gerry will continue to grow the team, and anyone who gets the opportunity to work with Gerry should jump and the chance.” December 15, 2011

1st James Leonard, Senior SEO Executive, Adfero


My Past

From running a small web dev agency (dergal), hosting business through to masterminding revamps of a websites – the list of things that I have done is actually pretty extensive …
Clients I haved worked on over the years include many brands everyone knows including O2, Oxfam, McDonalds, DirectGov, Government Offices, Councils, Banks, Gordon Ramsay, Samsonite, Speedo and Microsoft and right now I am working on a search analytics project at the BBC

I ran the SEO & Analytics team at Adfero for 3 and half years training up a team which I could confidently say were some of the best around. I have also worked on projects like the CheckInCheck