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IonSearch presentation 2013 – BBC, big businesses and the need for SEO

As recently as December last year the the co-founder of a design agency made the comment in SmashingMagazine – I am not linking to it, as to me it is far too negative on SEO – which already receives unfair bad press. “…any reasonably well-built website will be accessible to Google. You don’t need an… Read More IonSearch presentation 2013 – BBC, big businesses and the need for SEO

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Why I am not quitting SEO

The world of SEO seems to be developing a bad reputation,  the spam and blackhat rubbish that doesn’t contribute to a great experience for netizens and “keyword stuffed pages” that don’t quite read as well to most people. It is well worth reading Martin Macdonalds post on SEO – here – “Why I am quitting… Read More Why I am not quitting SEO


Deezer embed demo …

This rather random page was created as I was talking to my wife about the David Bowie Timeline that Epiphany created for Castle Cover, it integrates in Spotify and I think it is rather cool – unfortuantely millions of (particularly work) computers can’t install Spotify so had it been me, I would have gone with… Read More Deezer embed demo …


Speaking at IonSearch 2013

Last year I attended IonSearch and listended to some pretty amazing speeches from the likes of Tom Anthony, Jono Alderson and many other awesome presentations that made me stop, think, listen and this year I have been persuaded to talk as well. “…Expedia’s Head of Inbound Marketing Martin MacDonald, Adobe’s Head of Social Strategy Jeremy… Read More Speaking at IonSearch 2013