SEO = SnakeOil Salesmen …

  • Firstly I had no idea what snake oil actually is (quick glance on Wikipedia changed that), anyhow it seems that people in the SEO industry are frequently accused of being snakeoil sales people.
  • Secondly the SEO industry IS filled dodgy salesmen over promising over charging and under delivering.
Whilst the majority of SEO is actually relatively simple – a good seo’er has to understand the psychology of the search team at Google, the users of Google and how to target the market you need. So what does an SEO guy do that makes him actually worth money? He makes sure your market can find your site, this is done by making sure that what ever they are likely to type into a search engine you are likely appear , not definitely, but likely…
Typically an expert in SEO won’t be talking about rankings but will understand that good positions in search engines will drive traffic, and he will understand the long tail, it may be better to rank for “compare insurance” than “insurance”, maybe not in terms of traffic but in terms of converting traffic.
It maybe common sense (SEO) but brands including Samsonite, McDonalds and NSPCC have failed in some of the basics and someone like me could help them drive a fantastic amount more traffic easily by following some of the basic SEO… I believe that nearly 85% of sites have substantial room for improvement, so I guess this means they need to employ a snake oil salesman?
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