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So I have been a bit of a convert to bookmarklets recently as they are lighter than install things (Chrome extensions)- and once you get the hang of them, pretty awesome!  I was about to write a post on bookmarklets, but honestly, everyone else has already done it, one day I will find something cool and different to write about (that I am actually allowed to!).


 Sistrix – UK domain analysis (change it if you need another location!) 

If you haven’t already tried it, I strongly recommend Sistrix, if you are a customer – this pulls the domain you are on to look at on Google UK

javascript:(function(){ location.href = ‘’ + window.location.hostname; })(); 

UPDATE – Google Testing Tool

Check the Schema markup on the page can be seen by Google using the following bookmarklet


3 quick links to get your started –

These are the ones that I find most useful –

All the links (stripper)

Serps – strip out links from a page including search results – really cool if you know how to use Google search operators – (link to the authors page)  – want to find some of the pdfs indexed on your site? if your familiar with site operators – it allows you to not just look at ranks, but competitors too.

One click page (SEO analysis)

Page analysis does sort of everything type of thing – a full page analysis.

There are two versions of this – I like the bleeding edge one, and so far I haven’t seen too much wrong!

Check the referrer –

so simple, but in the SEO analytics world – absolutely essential! Also Google what is my referrer, there is a great site to if your on something like an iphone as to what is being transmitted, or more importantly isn’t! 

Xheaders –(check it on

javascript:(function(){function read(url){var r=new XMLHttpRequest();‘HEAD’,url,false);r.send(null);return r.getAllResponseHeaders();}alert(read(window.location))})();

Edit a webpage –

so cool and really, well cool and useful for quickly changing mockups – it is also great for convincing writers they have typos too …
(note more power is available through Chrome or Firefox inspect element)

javascript:document.body.contentEditable = ‘true’; document.designMode=’on’; void 0

Colour links (follow, nofollow) (link to the authors page)

I always used to have plugins to highlight the nofollows, but by gum, that is quick and easy!

What is your must have booklet?

Would love to hear your single must have booklet that I have missed.

UPDATE – just done one for SearchMetrics which I love

javascript:(function(){ location.href = ‘’ + location.href; })();

Note – when I try and publish Bookmarklets in WordPress it seems to remove the JS, so I have just left them as copy and paste links! 


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6 Responses

  1. Gerry White says:

    One I forgot that I love, but is utterly unproductive –

  2. Great article,
    Mainly I use open site explorer. I am looking for a good one to read articles later, any suggestions?

  3. Gerry White says:

    for read later ? I loved Pocket on my tablet and they have a bookmarklet –

    for OSE – that first one has some links to it all, but right now I am playing with this – which is for excel rather than a plugin – and its awesome!

  4. Paul Rogers says:

    Hi Gerry,

    Great article – I’m a huge fan of bookmarklets! Here are some of the other ones I use (taken from somewhere but can’t remember where to credit):

    – Check site cookie (javascript:void(document.cookie=prompt(document.cookie,document.cookie));)

    – Canonical URL (javascript:%20(function%20()%20%7B%20var%20url%20%3D%20document.location%3B%20var%20links%20%3D%20document.getElementsByTagName(%27link%27)%3B%20var%20found%20%3D%20%27none%27%3B%20for%20(var%20i%20%3D%200,%20l%3B%20l%20%3D%20links%5Bi%5D%3B%20i%2B%2B)%20%7B%20if%20(l.getAttribute(%27rel%27)%20%3D%3D%20%27canonical%27)%20%7B%20found%20%3D%20l.getAttribute(%27href%27)%3B%20break%3B%20%7D%20%7D%20alert(found)%3B%20%7D)()%3B)

    – Wirify (javascript:(function()%7Bwf_bookmarklet%3D%7Bver:%271.5%27,ka:86400000,to:7000%7D%3Bif(typeof%20wfInit%3D%3D%27undefined%27)%7Bvar%20s%3Ddocument.body.appendChild(document.createElement(%27script%27)).src%3D(document.location.protocol%3D%3D%27https:%27%3F%27https:%27:%27http:%27)%2B%27//,,

    I have lots more, but most of them are fairly repetitive of the one’s you’ve referenced.


  5. Paul Shapiro says:

    Find Google+ Ripples:

    via AJ Kohn:

  6. Sahil says:

    Bookmarkets certainly help SEOs save lot of time especially during on site analysis and mainly while doing an SEO audit. has an ultimate blog which contains almost all possible SEO bookmarklets on the web. Its certainly a must bookmark resource for SEOs.

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