Baby Grumbles

Having been a father for a week, I would love to pretend that I am an expert but 3 things I am going to mention.

  1. Don’t panic
  2. The baby isn’t going to be predictable
  3. Sleep – take it when you can


  • Buy a shed load of nappies, you won’t use that many but make sure they are to hand, what my daughter can produce in a nappy isn’t something you will want to look at for any length of time.
  • Wet wipes, there are some that are “new born friendly” they are far nicer than cotton wool to use.
  • Keep her cooler in the day so she is a little more awake, and wrap her tightly at night (not too tight, but tight enough so she can feel it, I usually tuck it under her)

So a week in and it has to be said that my wife is exhausted and I have had to return to work.

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