BBC iPlayer – Air Version (beta labs)

So this is a followup from a previous post where I mentioned that I hated the Kontiki installation, where it had a serious negative impact on your computer and couldn’t easily be removed … since then I haven’t downloaded iplayer programs, just watching them online – (on a side note, my laptop battery became seriously poor, so most of the time what was the point!)

However I recently noticed that they had produced an “Air” version, which was Mac and Linux compatible, being a PC user, this didn’t really impact me. However it is now installed and I am downloading the programs I want to watch.

Good –
– Not peer to peer (all downloaded straight from the Beeb)
– Light weight “Air”
– Controllable and needs to obey Airs rules
– Can minimize down to the system tray

Bad –
– Not HD!
– Just BBC – not 4od etc..
The single biggest annoyance for me at the moment is that I can’t as yet play offline content from the Beeb on my iphone (legally)!

Off topic, I have heard that Sky are doing a Silverlight version of their player, that could be interesting …

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