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This post is more of an answer to a Twitter conversation that I don’t think I could answer in 160 words –  “@dergal What is FB’s argument for not providing export? I don’t know. I’m guessing you can’t export all your likes, contacts, etc.”  

Its odd how Google always seems to have an opponent, this year they seem to have forgotten about MS and are going after Facebook – there is an awesome blow by blow here

This is the way I see it – I could be wrong but it is about the information source – Facebook & Gmail are two very different things.

Google say you can export all the information whereas Facebook don’t really have provision for it…

Google they are talking about your contacts, this is the information you have entered and is automatically scraped into your account, in fact its actually one big mess until relatively recently I had 20 email contacts for most people and it was hard to clean up.

Facebook, well its your contact information but for everyone else, scraping this information out and putting it into another package? I am not sure I would want my private details copied out and scraped into someone elses package without my knowing… my email address alone is worrying…

One thing I should mention is that somehow my Phone is importing contact, pics & bits out of the phone, isn’t this a step in the direction that Google is saying FB haven’t taken?

Pics and other stuff, if you have uploaded it, then it is yours, you probably should have another copy of it! If it is of someone else this I personally don’t want uploaded elsewhere with a different set of rules that I haven’t set, I am not a privacy junkie but I do understand why people are, despite this I was very unhappy when Google published all the people I had been communicating with, I actually have an issue with trusting Google… 

I do fail to see Googles point on this one… not sure if anyone can explain it? Or maybe I am confused somewhere….

If I sound like I am a Facebook Fan boy,  I am not really – they have created an awesome platform but they won’t let me change a Facebook company page to include the name “printing” or let me talk to a human being about it!!!

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