Stuart Baggs the brand Vs Viglen

Working in SEO I tend to spend my life looking at and critiquing websites – after watching Stuart Baggs (the brand) vs Bordan Tkachuk (Viglen) I always like to take a look at the actual products of the two of them – anyone out there who knows what to look for, if you look at the sites belonging to the respective companies it seems that Stuart has created (or at least his company) has created a credible, professional web presence that could do with a tiny bit of work, whereas the Viglen website, well quite frankly it is a shambles, if it was a dog it would be taking a one way trip to the vet. 
I am also fairly sure that Stuart knows what ISP stands for Bordan seemed to think it was Internet Service Protocol (I actually checked this fact for myself, sometimes even I get things like this wrong, but in my office I have earned quite a few 20p bets, being the fountain of pointless facts) slightly worrying for a tech guy.

I won’t go into details about the sites now, but whereas sites like Lings Cars deliberately look ‘special’ is a special website basically because it is falling apart, the code looks like it was cut and pasted from everywhere, designed by someone as part of a college course and maintained by, well no one.

I can’t say I would have kept Stuart in as long as Alan did, in fact I was shocked when Liz went, however I did find his firing disgusting, Stuart had achieved a lot in life whereas I am struggling to see what Bordan has managed to do with what was once a very successful company, I think that Stuarts wifi blimp has far more chance of not being laughed at that the famous em@iler… 
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Stella seems like someone I would love to work for / with and wish her all the luck in the future, Stuart I can’t’ exactly say I would like to work with / for him but I honestly believe he has a bright future if he learns to keep ‘the gob’ in check. Lets face it, compared to Sugar he isn’t really that gobby is he? 
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