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Creating Facebook pages is very easy, in fact I can not do it in about 4 minutes including a logo pinched from a website … However if it is your business make sure you know who has the login, on Facebook it is typically a personal login and people do move companies, get fired and sometimes even go ill / die.

Peoples accounts can also be deleted, this doesn’t happen too often, but you wouldn’t want your page disappearing into the mists just because you can’t regain ownership …

  1.  If an agency did it for you, make sure you (company) are also an admin, make sure at least 3 senior people are admins, don’t delete the agency til you are no longer in a relationship with them.  
  2. If you did it – make sure 3 other people are also admins. 
  3. If people leave the company and you can no longer trust them 100% make sure that they can’t impact your web presence / reputation 

The sad fact is that it is nearly impossible to regain control of a Facebook page once lost .. I tried for a few hours recovering one or two and gave up (control was lost to an unreachable ex-employee).

Where I work we are frequently asked to create Facebook pages for companies who are convinced that they don’t have pages, til we find them and show them to them …

Apps pose another complexity to it all – if you have put apps or FBML pages on your site – where are the images etc.. hosted, if this isn’t under your control, who has got control.

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