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Creating a bookmarklet – bookmark any page (even this one) click edit on it, and replace the URL with the below, rename it something useful and bobs your uncle … 

javascript: var r = /start=([\d]*)/i;var myL = window.location; var match = r.exec(myL) ; if(match)startValue=match[1]; else startValue=0;var searchResults=document.getElementsByClassName(‘l’);for ( var i in searchResults ) { var numberSpan = document.createElement(“span”); var resultNumber = document.createTextNode((((parseInt(startValue)+parseInt(i))-0)+1)+’. ‘);numberSpan.appendChild(resultNumber);searchResults[i].parentNode.insertBefore(numberSpan, searchResults[i]);}

Minor rant about rankings …. 

People are unfairly obsessed with rankings, my personal feeling is that SEO is more about quality traffic and not about rankings, course ranking for the right terms = quality traffic … 

The ‘tail’ is usually vastly superior in terms of quality and volume. 

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