Speaking at IonSearch 2013

Last year I attended IonSearch and listended to some pretty amazing speeches from the likes of Tom Anthony, Jono Alderson and many other awesome presentations that made me stop, think, listen and this year I have been persuaded to talk as well.

“…Expedia’s Head of Inbound Marketing Martin MacDonald, Adobe’s Head of Social Strategy Jeremy Waite, UK Ambassador for Hootsuite Allan Beaton and BBC Analytics expert Gerry White join a host of other speakers from the world of search and social media marketing, including SteelCast’s Dave Snyder, ex-Googler Vanessa Fox, Andrew Dumont of SEOmoz and Dave Naylor of Bronco…”  http://econsultancy.com/uk/press-releases/…

Still not quite sure what to talk about – the list of topics I could happily chunter about for hours is immense, but what / who is the audience that I am talking to – what is everyone else talking to and pitching it to that level, I am only at the BBC for short while having previously headed the SEO & Analytics service at Adfero I would probably be more tempted to talk about what they have achieved, how they evolved from a news service to a content marketing company.  I would love to talk about video (why it isn’t the SEO silver bullet, but still awesome) and about why content and SEO aren’t the same … ! I am also hoping that there are more questions!   I have roped in Martin Asser to come along, but he is not just a little bit busy at the moment working on more ‘news’ and less SEO related- so I suspect that I will be doing a lot of the planning, but hopefully using some of the amazing research he has conducted into the content aspect of SEO.

If you are planning on going to IonSearch – I would love to hear what you would like to hear about … ?

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