Google – teleporting and evil …

Google have a moto – do no evil, in fact they seem to believe they are the gatekeepers of morality on the web, frankly my feeling is that they are just a little bit ‘too much’.

They seem to barge into every area by rapidly buying and being able to mass promote their own services its just not a level, open playing field – oh and I know that this is a Google owned blog, my main email address is a Gmail, that I am reccomend Google Analytics all the time, but I still hate doing that …

Google may be bringing tools and services to the mass market at a lower price, funded by advertising but they do this by smashing companies and services who can’t compete out of the market. Microsoft are sort of similar (confession I am sort of a MS employee, in that they own a company who own a compant who own …. who I work for, its a long chain), but at least Google have never declared themselves as the ‘do no evil’ company (motto of Google) and what they offer they sell which can compete with free alternatives.

A recent innovation is something called ‘teleporting’ which is a really daft name for an auto insight search. Very annoying for site owners, especially where sites are based on a search or the search has been painstakenly developed to deliver the most relevant results.

I tried three sites, Autotrader, Directgov and Argos – all three I got better results by using the onsite search… and of coure if you do a search for a specific item you get further google ads.

Frankly I consider heavy promotion of ‘teleporting’ to be evil.

So what about the buy out of DoubleClick?
Its funny how they claimed to be so opposed to Yahoo being bought by Microsoft, so far as calling it ‘evil’ in a blog post, when they have such a dominance in all aspects of online advertising, and with the purchase of Double Click (including Dart and even an SEO company) they don’t seem to see their own sheer weight of ownership as being wrong ?

Micrsoft aren’t so bad – a lot of their products are free and a lot of them are very expensive… but you get a PC, you get a choice of pretty much everything. there are hundred of free alternatives to everything from Operating System through to word processors….

From my point of view, if a company comes in and makes everything we offer at a competitive rate free, whats the point in coming to us? I know that we offer more (a whole heap more) but can we show that? Budget analytics companies are dropping out the market (or being bought by the bigger boys) at a rate faster than you would believe. so what happens next? Google are coming into the mobile O/S market so their adverts are there, they control the web in a way that is quite unprecedented… Oddly they said that that MS would break the web if they bought Yahoo, my feeling is that Google are way ont the way to breaking the web unless they slow down a bit …

Do your bit – change your default search to someone else ….no? why not ? Googles good at that ? oh – ok … mmm use a different video sharing website ? no ? oh Stage6 has just closed down… nothing else that isn’ coated in prn? mmm….

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