Deezer embed demo …

This rather random page was created as I was talking to my wife about the David Bowie Timeline that Epiphany created for Castle Cover, it integrates in Spotify and I think it is rather cool – unfortuantely millions of (particularly work) computers can’t install Spotify so had it been me, I would have gone with Deezer – Deezer is awesome, webbased and I am a massive fan, I have it on my phone, tv, tablet and places I didn’t expect – as it is webbased I have no worries about using it at work. Putting music on a website has numerous issues, but if you want a safe and legal way of doing it – Deezer gets my vote.

They also have embeddability (is that a word) embedable players for websites.

Course the only problem is the classical “not available in your country” which is mentioned in the comments in this article –

So that is the reason for this post – it is just a little demo which you can safely ignore.

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