Web analytics Wednesday – on a monday, free beer WOOHOO

Just got back from a Web Analytics Wednesday – Mr Eric T Peterson presented a quick look into the future – more of an industry overview than a technological insight. Not sure if it was the American accent combined with the enthusiasm but it was a very entertaining presentation.

So conclusions
– Web analytics is hard (LOL see previous posts)
– The industry is still consolidating (keep an eye open Mr P hinted that their was still some movements happening
– Google Benchmarking isn’t really worth it yet

I have to be honest I can’t say too much more that isn’t better expressed in his own blog so other stuff …

Bumped into an old colleague from Directgov – we discussed analytics talked about career options analytics, Omniture, Speed-trap and Google Analytics – the one thing I think we agreed on was that an efficient interface is important as well as good reliable data.

Not a lot of info in this post, but I will hopefully fix that in the next one …

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