web 2.0 – embedded into my life …

I was never really an early adoptor of web 2.0, in fact for a long time, I never got what it was all about, user generated content was something we had been doing for a long time, forums have been around for years, and on-site reviews are a definent must for a good shop, but after a conversation with the missus it was a shock to find out just how much I was interacting with my web 2.0 services…

Blogs, well I have just started this one
Facebook, I am on it once a day, catching up – often on my mobile…
Last.FM, checkout what I listen to, I would share my login, but to be honest its not exactly taste to be proud of..
MySpace, actually did have a profile, but I never got it..

Well, thats about it, but its true that web 2.0 has started impacting my life – but mainly Facebook I am ashamed to say.

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