Privacy & Targeted ads

Targeted adverts are great, I don’t want to see adverts for stuff I am not interested in – I am interested in techy geeky stuff – so showing my adverts for hair straightners or perfume isn’t going to interest me, or going to get me to click on the adverts. I want to se adverts of cool stuff, brand new gadgets and other stuff I am interested in!

Targeted advertising is this regard is advertising that is displayed based on online user habits, what you do on chosen websites and possibly profiles that you give to social websites.

So because I have told Facebook I am interested in crime thriller books, I might see a fairly heavy proportion of adverts for the latest novel from one of my more favourite authors, because I click on it, in the future that proportion might go up. This to me is good!

OK – so why do you mind people using anonymised data to give you better adverts?

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