Google Plus Numbers? Basically BS

So Google have just released some stats that basically say they have 90 million engaged users … doubling that they had recently,  I won’t go into the numbers much but I would definently read the source article –

Google doubles Plus membership with brute-force signup process

I tweeted the link out which I found via @JamesCoyne who retweeted @SilkCharm  

note – I am no writer and any typos, punctuation mistakes aren’t intentional I am getting my thoughts down!

Oddly there was a bit of defence of Google! So my two pence…!

  1. I work within a business that does social media so I am biased.
  2. I have a GooglePlus account that I lurk within but don’t actively post in …
  3. I use Gmail, Google Analytics, search and more
I believe that Google Plus will be pretty big, I am in circles with most of the people in the office, which oddly enough I am not friends with on Facebook, not because I don’t like them but because my Facebook account is dominated by family and old friends, boring child pics!
I don’t use Google Plus much and when I log in I personally don’t like the experience I see some very good articles by social media / analytics / seo people who somehow I have “aquired” but I don’t see ‘friend’ content in there, no one I know is really sharing in the same way people share Facebook content
For business use it will be massive, until tools are really rolled out I am not pushing for the company I work for to support it as much as Facebook and Twitter.
According to Hitwise Pinterest has more traffic than Google Plus…
The article does a really good job of looking into the stats and showing that like for like, they are not, read the source article for this information!
  • Facebook I think is here to stay and whilst I am a predominantly Twitter man, my Facebook account will be the place I choose to share most of my photos / videos, “non proffesionally on brand” humour as well as generally anything of general interest…
  • Facebook is where I organise parties etc…
  • Commercially it is easy to manage Facebook accounts at the moment.
  • The GooglePlus android application is VERY VERY bad and kills battery life in hours on a decent phone!
Should you use it? 
  • Any major company (or brand) should have a Google Plus account
  • Any serious journalist / news company should be integrating author profiles
  • If your in a niche, it is probably pretty good (a candidate we interviewed told us it is very good for mixed martial arts)
Will I use it personally
  • Yes, but more like Twitter than Facebook
Open web?
Google is far more closed than Facebook and Twitter and has a history of not playing nice with other people!
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