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  ioIt seems a long time ago that I started helping a colleague at Adfero with a project “CheckInCheckOff” – a simple idea – a digital challenge / treasure hunt across Leeds … But with timing, children, developers going missing and a project manager migrating it is unbelievable that it has got this far – now just a week away I am fairly confident that it will not only be delivered but it will be pretty damn successful! We have only got half a dozen teams signed up so far but I know that it will be all right on the night!

It isn’t too late to sign up! – 

The people have been involved have been awesome and I need to mention a few of them:

Matt Gardner Epiphany Solutions – has done an awesome job of writing up the games

Rick Harrison – after our original developer going awol in a bit of a rubbish way, this guy has turned around and delivered an amazing app that allows multi player teams – this framework should be packaged and sold! If anyone ever needs a web mobile app or well anything developed I fully recommend him!  He also happens to be an expert photographer –

Amanda Kouwenhoven @ Adfero has been the project manager through out it all and coping with what can only be described as  an administrative nightmare – trying to get venues on board cope with the various personalities on the project and generally push this through to execution.

Chris Pool @ Social Loop has also been invaluable experience in event management and promotion has ensured that we have been able to promote this online using a Twitter account that has gone from zero to 400+ relevant followers in a very short time!

The game has been built around QR codes, augmented reality (provided by Feature Media) and should be seriously entertaining, followed by a gathering and drinks at a an awesome venue which unfortunately can’t be disclosed as yet! If you think that you can win this why not enter a team?

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