TESTING Differentiation of iPhone models – by window.devicePixelRatio

Using _gaq.push([‘_setCustomVar’, 1, // This custom var is set to slot #1. Required parameter. ‘Device Pixel Ratio’, // category window.devicePixelRatio, // This value of the custom variable 2 // Sets the scope to session-level. ]); Different iPhones and  different iPads all have the same user agent – and unfortunately a bit of an odd pixel… Read More TESTING Differentiation of iPhone models – by window.devicePixelRatio


MeasureCamp 2012

MeasureCamp (my first unconference) Those that know me, know that normally my motivation for going to conferences or digital events are usually to get out of the office and feel I should at least keep my head up, typically I walk out half way through and head back to work – MeasureCamp was utterly different,… Read More MeasureCamp 2012


CheckIn CheckOff

  ioIt seems a long time ago that I started helping a colleague at Adfero with a project “CheckInCheckOff” – a simple idea – a digital challenge / treasure hunt across Leeds … But with timing, children, developers going missing and a project manager migrating it is unbelievable that it has got this far –… Read More CheckIn CheckOff


Serps Number

Creating a bookmarklet – bookmark any page (even this one) click edit on it, and replace the URL with the below, rename it something useful and bobs your uncle … javascript: var r = /start=([\d]*)/i;var myL = window.location; var match = r.exec(myL) ; if(match)startValue=match[1]; else startValue=0;var searchResults=document.getElementsByClassName(‘l’);for ( var i in searchResults ) { var numberSpan… Read More Serps Number